We’re delighted that you’re thinking of getting married, and provided you fully meet the various legal requirements for doing so, we will be very happy to conduct your wedding here at Saint Michael’s Parish Church, Bramcote.

Your Wedding Day is probably the most important day in your life.  We fully understand this, and want to make your wedding personal and memorable for you.


The special, and unique, ingredients of a church wedding are to be found in the spiritual dimension; wherein you ask God to bless your new life together, and look to him for help and guidance.  This will help you to grow together, as both God and your church will be there to help you on your journey.


The Immigration Act 2014 makes important changes to the law relating to the marriage of persons from outside of the European Economic Area (‘EEA’). 

“With effect from March 1st, 2015, if one of the parties wishing to be married is a non-EEA national the parties will each have to obtain a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate (SRC) to authorise the marriage (unless an Archbishop’s Special Licence has been granted).  At this time it will cease to be lawful for the marriage of a non-EEA national to be solemnized after the publication of banns of marriage or on the authority of a common licence.

When application is made for banns to be published, all couples should be asked to provide specified evidence that both of them are EEA nationals.  If the parties cannot provide specified evidence that they are both EEA nationals they will each need to obtain an SRC.”

So what is the first step you need to take?

Contact the Vicar, Revd Paul Reynolds, on (0115) 922 9600 in order to arrange an informal conversation about the various possibilities which are open to you, and how you might set about planning for your wedding day.

Because changes in the law and other determining factors are frequent, the information provided on this page is intended to be purely illustrative.  Please contact the Vicar for precise information.

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