Development Log

The table below tracks major developments to this web site.

Date Activity



Added a June to December gallery.

Removed weekly Bible verse and thought feature and replaced with annual varients.

15/03/2016 Added additional Wedding and Baptism materials (legal, suggestions etc)
14/12/2015 Added new details to the <CHOIR> page and updated the Gallery.  Moved this development log into a table format.
03/03/2015 Added announcement posts for Easter Services and APCM.
06/02/2015 Major update to the website to update and include new materials within the RESOURCE page.
12/04/2014 Updated galleries and resources pages to include the APCM report.
26/12/2012 Updated Project 2012, galleries and resources pages.
27/06/2012 Revised gallery structure and updated front page.
19/06/2012 Added the ability to access “Project 2012” documents, updated out of date pages, added new photographs.
28/05/2012 Amended the Main Sunday Morning Service page and removed the out-dated references to MiniDisciples, Pathfinders etc.
10/02/2012 Added a post about Haydon joining Saint Michael’s, photographs from Stewardship Sunday, and the sermon (Bishop James Newcome) from Stewardship Sunday.
01/02/2012 Amended the Wedding Resources page to include additional hymns and alternative musical items.
30/01/2012 Added a link to the directions page to show Google Earth map. Added photographs from Education Sunday.
11/01/2012 Added publicity post re Cicilian Singers Workshop in March.
07/01/2012 Addition of ‘The Grid’, the ‘Clergy and Readers’ (private) page and this development log.