Housegroup Leaders

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If you would like to join one of our housegroups, please contact the scheme coordinator, Revd Tony Cardwell, on (0115) 925 5866.

Leader Contact Venue Time
Sue Ellis (0115) 917 2918 Derby Road Mondays at 7:30pm
Gill Wilmott (0115) 922 6403 Hanley Avenue Thursdays at 7:30pm
Richard Portwood (0115) 925 6342 Thornhill Close Thursdays at 7:30pm
David Ducker (0115) 925 9097 The Chancery Tuesdays at 7:30pm
Vicky White (0115) 939 7716 Various venues
Rufford Avenue
Thursdays at 10:00am
Thursdays at 7:30pm
Lesley Hill (0115) 916 43280 Sevenoaks Crescent Tuesdays at 10:00am
Karen Hanford (0115) 922 8580 Beeston Fields Drive Thursdays at 10:00am
Gillian Hallam (0115) 925 8214 Hillside Road Thursdays at 7:30pm
Stan Heptinstall (0115) 916 4588 Cranston Road Thursdays at 7:30pm

As times and locations are subject to change, please refer to the weekly notice sheet, or contact the Church Office, for any amendments and the most up to date information.