Bell Ringers


Who are we?

People who enjoy meeting together in order to ring our church bells.
The members of the group come principally from within our own church family:
(Jonathan Portwood, John Wells, Stuart Wells, Lesley Hill, Kate Lyons, Richard Phipps) and from other local churches (Richard Black, Denise Porritt, Alex and Heather Slowey).

Who are we for?

“Every church shall be provided with at least one bell to ring people to service.”
(Canon ‘F8’ of the Church of England)

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What do we do?

Ring the bells for services.  Recruit and train other ringers.  Maintain the bells.
Encourage the art of change ringing.  Ring for weddings and other special occasions.

When and where do we meet?

At the bell tower, generally on Friday evenings at 7.30pm for about one hour.

Names of leaders/contact information:

Jonathan Portwood (Tower Captain) Tel: (0115) 752 1960