Catering Group

Who are we?

A group of individuals within the church who seek to provide catering for a broad range of church and external activities.


Who are we for?

The church family and the community

What do we do?

Provide hospitality and catering for:

  • Monthly Sunday lunches (3rd Sunday)
  • Monthly Wednesday lunches (1st Wednesday)
  • Meals for groups within the church
  • Festival meals:
      • Maundy meal
      • Bereavement Sunday
      • Harvest Supper
      • Advent

     IMG_0163          Jon Marston (Award)
     Jonathan preparing a roast               Jonathan proudly displays our
     meal for a Wednesday lunch             official 5* hygiene award

When requested, refreshments after funerals and meals for individual members of the church family and the wider community

When and where do we meet?

In addition to the above activities, as and when required.

Names of leaders/contact information:

Jonathan Marston (Catering Coordinator) Tel: (0115) 943 0959
Karen Hanford (Coffee Rota Coordinator)
Tel: (0115) 922 8580